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Background Investigations

World Charter's Background Report is a compilation
of search results from more than a dozen databases.

Database / Record Coverage:

National Data
Database Coverage Details
Aircraft & Pilots National 50 States
Information from the Airman Directory as well as the Aircraft Registration master file, which contains the records of all US Civil aircraft registered with the FAA, including air carrier and general aviation aircraft.
Bankruptcies National 50 States + DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Virgin Islands
Returns your subject's most recent bankruptcy record. All bankruptcy types are included in this national database which includes records from 2000 to present.
Boats 33 States AL, AZ, AR, CO, CT, FL, GA, IS, IA, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH*, NC, ND, OH, OR, SC, TN**, TX, UT*, VA, WV, WI, WY
* Historical Watercraft Registration Records
**TN does not provide title numbers
Data from various state agencies. Not every state requires or provides the same registration information. State registration records may (if applicable) include: Owner/Co-Owner Name, Address, Hull ID Number, Serial Number, Registration Number, Title Number, Expiration Date, Make, Model, Use Type, Propulsion, and more.
Criminal National 50 States + DC, Guam and Puerto Rico
Information supplied from each state varies.
Wants & Warrants International See Details
This report contains information from a variety of sources...
FCC Marine Radio Licenses National
The FCC Marine Radio Licenses database includes information on licenses for anyone who operates a Marine Radio. Applicants for licenses can be Individuals, Partnerships, Associations, Corporations or Government Entities. Ships are classified as Merchant, Pleasure, Rescue, Fishing, and Official Vessel.
Neighbors (0-20) National  
Property 47 States + DC (Excluding ME, RI, VT)
Includes information on County Tax Assessor records. The database includes information on the taxable value of a property and may include market and/or appraised property values.
(20 with or without phones)
California Data
Database Coverage Details
CA Births   1905 - 1995
Contains all of the birth records for California for the years 1905 - 1995.
CA Board of Equalization and Alcoholic Beverage Control Licenses    
Contains the master file of California sales and use tax licenses and the entire California Alcoholic Beverage Control database. Updated monthly.
CA Civil Coverage  
This data comes directly from the individual counties and contains filings of court cases containing all plaintiffs, defendants, and date of filing. You can limit each search by county or search all counties at once. Updated monthly.
CA Corporations    
Corporate data filed annually with the California Secretary of State.
CA Criminal Coverage 19 Counties
Court filing information from 19 counties in California.
CA Deaths   1940 - 1999
California Registrar's index of all deaths between 1940 and 1999. With almost ten million records, this database is an excellent source for confirming a subject's status or cross-referencing for relatives.
CA Fictitious Business Names Coverage 18 Counties
Information on filings in 18 of California's most populous counties reflecting the intent of an individual or company to conduct business under a fictitious name. Updated monthly.
CA Marriages   1960 - 1985
State Registrar's Index of all marriages in California from 1960 through 1985. The state no longer offers this database for sale making Merlin one of the few sources for this valuable information.
CA Professional Licenses    
License information for over 4 million individuals or businesses. Updated monthly.
CA Property    
Updated monthly, this statewide property file is the most current and complete record of California real property available from any source. Some property records contain hundreds of owner and seller names. Data is compiled from county assessor records, representing property tax rolls, and from deed transfer records maintained by the county recorders. Assessor records date back as far as 1962 while the transfer records date from 1994.
CA UCCs   1965 - Present
The data comes directly from the California Secretary of State and contains records from federal tax liens on businesses and state tax liens from the Franchise Tax Board, Department of Employment, and the State Board of Equalization. Judgment liens and attachment liens are also included. The database comprises over 7.5 million records dating from 1965 to present. Approximately 30,000 new filings are added each month. Updated weekly.

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